Selecting a Size and Media

72″ Panorama behind standard 80″ sofa.
Image: Grand Viewpoint, Grand Teton National Park, American Vistas

If you’ve browsed my gallery, you’ve noticed that there are quite a few options available for purchasing a print! Don’t worry, I’m here to help. After you’ve chosen one of my images there are just a few things to consider before ordering so you get the perfect result for your home or office space.

Print Media Options

Fine Art Paper

Fine art paper is what people normally think of when purchasing a print. I’ve printed on many papers in the past, and offer my prints on the ideal paper for each print. All of my papers are designed to protect and project its vibrant colors for over a hundred years.

Since 44″ printers are quite expensive, I work closely with a local lab near my home in Colorado where it is printed. I inspect all prints for any potential findings. Should I determine the print is of sufficient quality then I will sign it and mail it carefully rolled in a strong tube. From there, it’s up to you as to how you would like to display it!

Each image has a run of 250 total fine art paper prints total, with at least 50 reserved for large and extra-large sizes.

Lumachrome Acrylic

Lumachrome acrylic is a highly specialized process, in which the color print is made on a transparent sheet, which is then applied against a white reflective backing, and finally facemounted behind polished acrylic. Lumachrome acrylic is the medium of choice for photographers around the world, and for good reason! Colors pop, textures appear lifelike and the acrylic gives the image a sense of dimensional depth.

These prints are typically hung as they are to the wall and illuminated with studio lighting. Fewer size options are available due to the nature of these prints, however special ordering is always available. Send me a request using the form below if you would like to discuss additional options not advertised on my website.

Only 10 acrylic prints will be made for each image.

Displaying Your Fine Art Paper Print

Typically a fine-art paper print is matted and framed by a professional framer. This consists of three layers of the frame, a mat, and the print. The frame and mat is completely up to your choice, though most people prefer to match the colors of their room. Darker woods are generally the ideal choice for a print, and matching the frame to other wood in the room is ideal. The mat can also be white or any other color as seen in my example images.

Framing an image with a mat
Image: Whisper of Springtime, Grand Teton National Park, American Vistas

While checking out, an option is available to add a 3/4 inch white border in addition to your selected print size. Adding this border is highly recommended when framing a print with a mat!

Some people opt for a simpler look and have it mounted without a frame or mat. See the “French Bedroom” image at the top for a frame-less display example. Since this method is without glass, let me know in the order notes if this is how you are planning to display your print, as it can affect my paper decision.

Please note that many framers have a maximum mount, mat, and frame size of 40 x 60 inches. For larger panoramas, more specialized work will have to be done by professional framers (such as seamlessly combining mats or mounting materials). Ask your local framer about their abilities regarding larger images. This is especially true when working with panoramas.

60″ Panorama
Image: Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere (Franz Josef Glacier), New Zealand, Far Corners

Selecting Your Size

Choosing a size is easier than you think! I’ve worked very hard to make sure a good range of image sizes are available for you to choose from.

The biggest thing (get it?) to consider when selecting a print size is the display location. Where are you planning on showing off your new print? The living room? A hallway or small space? An entryway or lobby? Here are some examples of print sizes compared against a standard-sized 80″ sofa.

I recommend taking a tape-measure and measuring the space you’re planning on displaying your print using the width as a guideline.

  • 24-32″ wide: Small spaces, such as hallways or reading nooks
  • 36-42″ wide: These are normal-sized room-fillers, and excellent for filling medium to large spaces behind larger furniture
  • 45-48″ wide: These are large room-fillers when you have a large open space to fill
  • 54-60″ wide: These are lobby and entryway centerpieces for a maximum “wow” factor from your clients and guests

Panoramas are the exception to the above guidelines since they are much longer and shorter. I recommend ordering as large a size as can fill the space.

2.5:1 Panorama Sizes displayed behind a standard 80″ wide sofa

You may have noticed that different images have different sizes available for them. My images fit two standard digital image ratios: 3×4, and 2×3. Therefore, you will find sizes fitting that image’s ratio. Both offer comparable sizes to each other, and the difference is negligible. For most accurate sizing, simply base your selection off the image width.

If your final intention is to mat and frame your new print, I recommend measuring an additional 4-8″ of space to the left and right of your desired width to ensure enough room is left for the mat and frame. This depends on how large a frame and mat you anticipate selecting for your new artwork.

Finally, if you have any questions or would like some help choosing a medium or size for your space, feel free to send me an email with any of your questions! For additional help, you can email me an image of your wall, and I can help simulate how the image will appear.

If you need help choosing a print, feel free to create an account and a few wishlists to come back to as you make your decision.


-Brandon Neubert